If you have encountered this problem, we highly recommend reading this article, as it will teach you why this happens, and how to prevent it in the future. Otherwise, refer to the user guide to replace the belt correctly. The red light came on while using my Shark Apex Uplight Second Opinion] The red light came on while using my Shark Apex Uplight corded lift-away vacuum. Sometimes your brush roll indicator light doesn't turn on just because it is fully blocked. Alternatively, when cleaning the vacuum, if there is no brush roll obstruction the red light may indicate that the vacuum is overheated. This guide should work for Shark vacuum cleaners with a traditional drive belt. If youve double-checked that the vacuum is switched to the correct mode but the light still isnt turning on, then its time to explore some other possible issues. This process requires great care because damage to the bristles of the beater bar may hinder its functionality in picking up the stuff. If your Shark rotator lift-away nozzle or Shark navigator motorized nozzle is not attached correctly, it can lead to the Shark Rocket powerhead brush not turning on and spinning. Do this very carefully, so you dont accidentally cut the bristles from the brush bar. A: Hi Marc - this vacuum is has automatic height adjustment and works on all types of floors including carpet! These lights do not indicate any problems. If you have an overheating issue with your Shark vacuum, then it's likely you'll see the red indicator light flash. Next, remove any filters from the vacuum, and clean or replace them as necessary. #1 Home Improvement Retailer Store Finder Solid Red: There is a jam in the brush roll area. Menu. Youre lucky you have a Shark vacuum since its relatively easy to disengage, and this saves you tons of time during your troubleshooting session. In your case, the brush roll is stuck even with a green light. So, if the appliance shuts down while you're cleaning, a blockage will be the main culprit. Why It Happens And How To Fix? How To Replace Igniter In Kenmore Oven? To solve this issue of your shark navigator lift away brush roll not working, you will need to clear out the brush roll. If the belt is damaged, it is also often the reason why your shark vacuum roller won't spin. Take care not to snip any of the bristles off while doing so. Enjoy up to 40 minutes of run-time then charge Shark's removable battery pack Then clear out any debris in the bin by emptying it into your homes trash can. When the light is on, it will shine in two colors, green or red. Click here to use the chatbox to speak with one of our technicians.No in-home service calls. Longer cleaning sessions should also be spread over time. Should this occur, perform the following steps to restart the thermostat: Turn the unit off. It may also mean that your shark vacuum is overheating due to blockage or a thermostat error. Shark APEX duo Answered in 10 minutes by: jrloar jrloar is online now Related Small Engine Questions Depending on the model of your Shark vacuum, the action may be anything from simply checking and cleaning the unit, to cleaning or replacing the roller brush, to checking the vacuum belt. There is no quick answer, as there could be many possible reasons. In order to be sure, that the vacuum has its nozzle connected properly, you can push down on the vacuum towards its head. The function of the brush roll on your Shark vacuum cleaner is to provide your carpets with a deep clean. It has a green light that indicates the machine is powered on. The most viable solution for you is to replace the belt with a brand-new one. In this article, we will go through the function of the brush roll indicator light, and how to deal with it when it malfunctions. Make sure that the metal grate is clean by using a scrubby pad or a toothbrush to dislodge any big pieces of debris. Shark Vacuum Troubleshooting Problems & Fixing Guide [Explained], Shark Ion Robot Troubleshooting [Most Common Problems], Do you dust first or vacuum? One of the first things to do when you experience brush roll issues checks for blockages. Now, youll have to grab a pair of scissors and carefully remove the tangled hair without cutting the brush bristles. You should check your vacuum cleaner's manual to find out what indicator lights mean for your specific model, but for most Shark vacuums the lights indicate: Green light - The brush roll is on and turning correctly. The next thing to verify is whether your brush roll is not clogged Its a common problem, as it doesnt work well with long hair. The following list will help you troubleshoot the issues and fix them if the indicator light is green but the. Mode two is the brush roll mode and is activated when the switch is flipped to the "II" position. On the switch itself, the two modes are marked as I and II, with I being the suction mode and II being the brush roll mode. I bought a new Shark vacuum from Amazon a few days ago. So what are the potential causes of this issue? That problem tends to happen more often when youre turning the vacuum on its swivel, causing the lights to flash on and off repeatedly. Typically, your Shark vacuum cleaner works fine when the indicator light is green and has some trouble if the light is red. For issues with the internal thermostat, this might be due to a bad motor. We would also like to mention what is the indicator light supposed to do. Shark does have a hair removal tool that may come with your vacuum. Plugin and start over again. The belt sits in a channel that attaches to the roll, and ensures that the belt remains in place. By checking the most common reasons for this issue, you should quickly find out where is the problem. Trying to put it together. Cleaningfan.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, Copyright 2023 Cleaning Fan | Powered by Astra WordPress Theme. Totaltech Membership. What does it mean when the shark vacuum brush roll indicator light is not on? How to Remove Roller Brush From Shark Vacuum? Then, lay the vacuum on one side. Its a little more complicated problem, however, it can still get fixed. The brush roll drive belt is made of rubber and may therefore be prone to failure if it gets old and becomes brittle. When cleaning the areas around your home, you may find that at some point, large pieces of debris or accumulated dust will block up the brush roll or hose in your Shark vacuum. If youre going to wash the felt filter, wash it with soapy water but lightly and carefully. Once the charging is complete, the light will stop flashing and stay on, albeit slightly dimmer than before. Newer models have an easily removed brush roll that is covered by the roller garage cover. Remove hair or threads that are causing the brush roll to stick. The faceplate of shark vacuums is held in place by several screws. However, as good as they are, Shark vacuum cleaners have its fair share of frustrating issues. To protect the brush roll and to inform you when there is a problem, a Shark vacuum has an indicator light. If the airflow gets blocked, even partially, the motor wont be able to cool itself effectively. When the light is on, it will shine in two colors, green or red. Shark Navigator Brush Not Spinning? If the shark is working correctly, the lights will be green, if the roll is jammed or the shark is overheating the red light will be on. Award: Editor's Choice/Best Shark Vacuum. For more serious problems, contact Shark customer service and see how they can help. How to Make Distilled Water at Home: 8 Simple Steps, How to Increase Water Pressure in Shower Expert Advice, How to Clean Bamboo Floors? In your case, the brush roll is stuck even with a green light. You think that your vacuum cleaner is going through a low suction. If theyre present, use a rod-like material to eliminate them. Whether you're looking for a step-by-step guide on fixing an appliance or the cost of installing a fence, we've here to help. Red Brush Roll Indicator Light Reasons Causes When your Shark vacuum's brush roll indicator light turns red, it basically means that something is stuck or there is a jam in the brush roll. You have the choice of taking out the brush bar or not but for a thorough clean, its better to remove the bar. In conclusion, Shark vacuum brush roll sometimes gets tangled, overheated, or simply malfunctions. When your Shark vacuum overheats, shut it off and unplug it immediately. This feature is not always working properly as the indicator light tends to not turn on. Up to 40 minutes run-time - The removable battery pack can be charged on or off the vacuum, at any plug socket in your home. The brush roll is the spinning brush that can be found inside your vacuums suction head. Remove hair and debris from the brush and remove clogs from the hose or dust cap if the brush wont spin. Your Shark vacuum brush wont spin if the roller brush switch is off or the floor nozzle is disengaged. It removes the dust and dirt buried deep inside your carpets. The nozzle on your vacuum cleaner can be a cause of your shark rocket brush roll indicator light not turning on. We wonder if there could be a serious problem with the vacuum cleaner and if it is possible to solve the issue ourselves. Step 4:Thoroughly clean the bar because all the hair and string can hamper the vacuums suction power. In order to keep your Shark vacuum working properly, you should: Clean all the filters at least once a month, Empty the dust cup after every cleaning session, Remove any stuck hair and debris from the brush roll after every cleaning session, Be sure to clean larger debris or small any elements traditional way. Floor nozzles are a handy accessory for your vacuum cleaner, allowing it to suck up dirt from the surface. How to Use Rainbow Vacuum as a Humidifier? In order to clear any blockage on your Shark vacuum, you first need to clean your filter and your brush roll. Why its happening: When you see a red-colored light flashing on any Shark vacuum, thats a clear sign that theres a problem. Brush rolls usually tend to get jammed because of hair. See our guide below on how to replace a broken brush belt. You can follow our steps below to find the cause and solve the indicator light issue. For a particularly heavy buildup, you should use a razor blade. We hope that this article will help you solve any such issues you might have with your own vacuum cleaner. To buy a replacement belt, check out Sharks official website or Amazon. At this point, it is recommended to replace the belt altogether. They are reliable, efficient, well designed, and most importantly perform exceptionally when pitted against other vacuums in their price range. Here are some other frequently asked questions about flashing lights on your Shark vacuum: The blue light on your Shark vacuum flashes to let you know that the charging process is ongoing. In case, you have a problem with starting or restarting the shark vacuum, reset the shark vacuum. Can You Epoxy Shower Floor? Turn the power off and unplug your vacuum cleaner, Leave the vacuum to cool for at least half an hour, Once cleaned and cooled, plug the vacuum in and try again, On the switch, you will see the two modes marked as I and II, Ensure the switch selection is in the proper position. For example, it would be wise to clean one or two rooms, wait around 40 minutes, and then continue cleaning. These signs can be frustrating especially when your Shark vacuum just starts regurgitating dirt and debris after vacuuming. The Solution Simply recline the vacuum body to unlock it. Causes. If the light is blinking, then your brush roll needs to be cleaned or replaced. It can either be the plug, or the internal thermostat. Here Is Why. If the headlights flash on and off as you use the unit, it could be a wiring problem in the units swivel. Replacing it could be the solution. How do I replace the belt Ask an Expert Car Questions Small Engine Troubleshooting The brushroll indicator light is not on. Therefore, you can just take out the filter, tap them gently to shake the dirt off, and wipe the surface clean. But, unfortunately, the indicator doesnt provide any specifics about what that problem might be. For modern models, they utilize the tripped reset systems. The older models of Shark had a belt attached to the brush roll, and the belt had one function to make the brush roll spin. Below we go through the possible causes, starting with the most serious cause and end with the least but common cause. Clean the charging contacts. (4 Possible Causes & Fixes). The second filter is a HEPA filter which cannot be washed but can be cleaned out using an air compressor. To fix this issue, you just need to make sure that the suction head is attached correctly to the hose. Foul smells are quite common with vacuum cleaners considering what they do. As the brush roll sweeps up loose hairs from the ground, these can get tangled up in the inner workings of the brush roll. It didn't come with any. Price: $169.99 | Brush Roll: Turbo | Dust Trapping: . Clear the nozzle of debris and blockages and reconnect the vacuum. Its powered by a special belt, that activates when you pull a handle. In your case, you might hear a motor running with proper suction but not a movement of the brush bar. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The switch must be in the Power and Brushroll positions to make the roller spin. If you have the switch in the correct position, next make sure the nozzle is fully attached. Blockage is also a factor as well, if there is too much dust or hair stuck on the brush roll, the motor needs to work harder and make you Shark vacuums internal thermostat overheat as well, causing the red light on the brush roll indicator. Refer to the meanings of the lights and the troubleshooting section of the indicator lights. The parts in the vacuum brush may be damaged; the belt may be broken, dust may enter it, dirty filters, and other problems. Install the replacement belt and just follow the instructions in reverse to reassemble the vacuum. My Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Not Working. (*In ION power mode, with non-motorised tool.) One is a suction mode, for vacuuming up debris from smooth surfaces like hardwood and tiles, while the other mode is the brush roll mode, which is used for vacuuming stuff up from deep carpeting. Why it's happening: When you connect a cordless Shark vacuum to its charger, you'll notice blue-colored lights flashing on and off slowly. Having a decent amount of airflow within your vacuum is important because this airflow helps keep the motor cool and also allows it to pull in dirt with minimal effort. Ensure the nozzles tight connection by firmly pressing down on the handle. Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System HD400 Series - Getting Started Shark HyperAIR HD100 Series - Getting Started Why Is Freezer Leaking Water From the Bottom? No appointments. As the roll brush is an essential component in the vacuum cleaner, it is important to pay attention to the indicator light and take appropriate action. The first filter can be washed with warm water and should be left out to dry for about 24 hours before use. Shark APEX duo clean Powered lift-away AX 950 series. The brush roll indicator light still shows green, but it won't rotate. For hair accumulation on the brush, use a pair of scissors to cut the hair. If the light is red or no light at all, theres an issue with the roller brush. Click here to use the chatbox to speak with one of our technicians.No in-home service calls. Blue flashing lights indicate that the battery is charging on cordless models. Shark Ion Robot Troubleshooting: Most Common Problems: If you are experiencing problems with your Shark Ion Robot, don't . .Dust capacity 0.7 litre.Dustbag full indicator.25.2 volts.Noise level: 86dB.Model number: IZ400UK.Manufacturer's 5 year (2 year on batteries . However, the solutions above will help you overcome them and enjoy smooth cleaning! If enough hair gets caught inside, the brush roll may be completely unable to turn. If there are any stray bits of debris stuck around your motor, this might cause it to work harder than its supposed to and it will overheat due to that. How To Reset? Why is the brush roll indicator light on Shark vacuum? This signal usually does not appear due to: unit overheating; ingress of pollution; drive defect; errors when using a household appliance. NV800UK / NV801UK Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Troubleshooting Guide Warranty Terms & Conditions IZ201UK / IZ251UK Shark Classic Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum Troubleshooting Guide SmartVacuumGuide.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.
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