Different mints used copper, nickel, and silver to produce the coins depending on the coins purpose. This melt value is calculated from the current silver spot price of $21.26 per ounce. The standard 1776-1976 Washington quarters are made of a clad composition that contains copper and nickel. It is round in shape, with 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel in its composition in total. A typical uncirculated 1776-1976 Bicentennial quarter with either no mintmark or the "D" mintmark is worth between 40 cents to $1.25. Considering that no minting process is perfect and the 1776-1976 Washington quarter mintage is almost 1,700,000,000, you can expect numerous errors in the series. SilverRecyclers.com is not a dealer or refiner. $0.55 shipping for each additional eligible item you buy from OLDIES4SALE-2007. The silver melt value for this coin is $6.72 as of March 04, 2023. 1976 George Washington American Revolution Bicentennial Commemorative Medal Coin. But sometimes, the die itself is damaged, transferring cracks and blemishes onto the coin batch to make thousands of coins. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. The smaller the design percentage is visible, the greater the specimen value. Whilst most standard commercial-use coins are worth $0.50 (face value), rarer uncirculated coins featuring unusual elements or errors can fetch 3 or 4 figures at auction. MT. The Philadelphia mint struck 809,784,016 clad Bicentennial quarters made of copper and nickel. The values listed are for coins grading MS65 or PR65. For instance, one collector paid $6,038 for the 1776-1976 S proof clad quarter at the Bowers & Merena auction. Certain features of a Bicentennial half dollar can influence its value. On the upper end, coins that are XF45 or above are considered plus grades while PF and MS 69s and 70s are seen as super-premium or exceptional coins. It looks like its a D mint. The 1776-1976 Washington quarter total mintage was 1,691, 961,954 pieces. 1963 COMMEMORATIVE COIN, B.P.O. The San Francisco Mint also made about 5M 3-coin proof sets of uncirculated silver. Production began a year prior, in 1975. obverse side shows 3 men, 2 of them playing a drum and the other playing a what looks like a flute. 10 Most Valuable Lefton China Pieces (Rarest Sold For $1,295), Antique Cast Iron Stoves Value (Rarest & Most Valuable is Selling for $24,500), 1920 Singer Sewing Machine Value (Rarest Sold For $3,000), Most Valuable 1934 20 Dollar Bill (Rarest Sold For $40,800), 4 Most Valuable Antique Typewriter (Rarest Sold For $110,059), Antique Ruby Rings Value (Rarest & Most Valuable Sold For $2.6 Million), Antique Cast Iron Toy Value (Rarest & Most Valuable Sold For $13,500), Top 10 Antique Stores in Connecticut [Update 2023], THE 10 BEST Pennsylvania Antique Stores (with Photos), 10 Best Antiques Near Me in Fort Worth, TX, The 13 Most Valuable Disney Pins (Rarest Sold For $10,000), Most Valuable Rare Hummel Figurines (Rarest Sold For $5000+), 1941 Penny Value Chart (Worth Million Dollars? - Reverse: Signing of the Declaration of Independence / July 4, 1776. Furthermore, the phrase ONE DOLLAR on the lower third of the rim suggests its face value. AMERICAN REVOLUTION BICENTENNIAL 1776-1976|SARATOGA COUNTY N.Y.: economic map of Saratoga County Diameter 37.0 Weight 25.2. Reverse. Lined with 24k gold. One specimen with a low PR 25 rating was sold for $13,500 on eBay. The profile shows the former President with hair tied in a ponytail, a hairstyle characteristic in men of that time. The standard 1776 to1976 dollar value in circulated condition are worth only $0.50 of their face value. $29.98, $39.98 Many Ike dollars (both silver and clad) are in uncirculated condition since they had hardy construction and were barely used. If the dealer has substantial Bicentennial silver dollar coins in their inventory, theyll be compelled to cut down the price per piece to sell more of the coins. American Revolution 1776-1976 Bicentennial Medal Coin. Free shipping on many items . However, the sum spent for a specimen in an MS 69 grade in 2019 was fantastic. Here are some documented values of the 1776 to 1976 Silver Dollar, depending on its condition: Note that the value of these bicentennial silver dollar coins isnt static. 1976 THOMAS JEFFERSON American Revolution Bicentennial Commemorative Medal - $14.53. The coin's luster might not be as prominent. The prototypes of the Bicentennial coins were struck in the Philadelphia Mint and exhibited at an American Numismatic Association convention in 1974. So, you can easily differentiate a Bicentennial silver dollar coin from a clad piece through its weight, as its noticeably heavier. Free shipping for many products! These coins only sell for a premium in uncirculated condition. - Obverse: Thomas Jefferson / American Revolution Bicentennial. However, the sum spent for a specimen in an MS 69 grade in 2019 was fantastic. 1976 Bicentennial U.S. IKE EISENHOWER Coin - 24K Gold Plated & Prism Hologram. A Bicentennial silver dollar coins condition greatly influences its price and demand. The 1776-1976 S silver quarter is pretty inexpensive. They were minted using lower levels of tech. Surprisingly, the one in a PR 70 grade with cameo contrast was sold for just $63, and the DCAM specimen with a PR 70 rating changed hands for a modest $920. Behind the profile, closer to the right edge, you can find the mint mark, except in coins from Philadelphia. The United States Bicentennial was a series of celebrations and observances during the mid-1970s that paid tribute to historical events leading up to the creation of the United States of America as an . So, the higher the coins grade, the greater its value. You may also spot double denomination errors where the coin is the wrong size. Over half a billion coins were struck (527,873,248), making these coins fairly common. The coin's luster might not be as prominent. Although the commemorative coin program has been inactive since 1954, a change in the Act necessitated the quarter, half-dollar, and dollar redesign. 1976 American Revolution Bicentennial Gold Medal 33 mm [Swoger-52IC] Original Lot at Stack's Bowers. The US Treasury Department oversaw a design competition between 884 contestants to decide the reverse images of the Bicentennial coins. How Do You Know If Your 1976 Eisenhower Dollar Is Silver? The average price of bicentennial dollars is $20 to $40 depending on condition. These coins were produced in various denominations and compositions, including silver-clad and copper-nickel clad. With 1974 Silver Dollar Value, you can, Read More 1974 Silver Dollar Value (Prices of Different Conditions)Continue, Your email address will not be published. He emphasizes that they comprise error and rare variants, and will fetch a good price in an auction if you observe the fundamental coin-valuing protocols. A few light contact marks may be present but they are barely noticeable. american revolution bicentennial coin 1975 Paul Revere. Numbered 270 on Edge. Absolutely! Captcha failed to load. Gold. Keep reading to learn more about these coins. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Uncirculated collector coins are usually worth more, but this depends on the condition, with the table above giving a good idea of estimated coin values and sale prices. You may distinguish an original Bicentennial silver dollar coin from its counterparts through the following elements: In the next paragraphs, well shed more light on how you can recognize Bicentennial silver dollar coins through these features. Silver Weight: .3161 oz. The 1776-1976 proof silver dollar is worth around $20 in PR 65 condition, with a total of 4,000,000 proof coins minted. Original Price $19.50 Detailed information about the coin American Revolution Bicentennial, Jefferson, United States, with pictures and collection and swap management: mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data . One collector paid as much as $19,200 for this quarter at an auction. The US treasury held a design competition that was open to all American citizens. Like all bicentennial coins, the 1776 to 1976 dollars were coined between 1975 and 1976, but none of them bear the 1975 date. 1788 Quarter Value (Is It Worth Collecting? Does shopping on Etsy help support small businesses? Sparkling and Lustrous Large Size Gold Bicentennial Medal. 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware Value (Most Expensive Rare One Sold For $3,400), Clad Business Strike (P & D 527,873,248. The silver coins weigh 24.59 grams compared to the copper-nickel coins that weigh 22.68 grams. gold; this means it contains a total of a quarter of an ounce (troy) of pure (24 kt.) One such specimen reached an incredible $12,000 at auction. The uncirculated versions were made of 60% copper/ 40% silver. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Compared to the copper-nickel clad coins used in business circulation, the silver clad ones are more valuable. They made close to 3M Type 1s and a little over 4M Type 2s. Hence, theyre surely worth collecting. Free shipping for many products! Some strikethroughs and double strikes could earn $500 to $1,500 while double denomination errors can get you over $5,000! Mint Roger Williams Mint Obverse RHODE ISLAND BICENTENNIAL 1776-1976/ ri76/ HOPE: anchor with decorative illumination surrounding;decidedly 70s logo below On July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed. Out of 12 semi-finalists, the panel of judges chose the design of Dennis R. Williams-an art student at the Columbus College of Art and Design-as the Bicentennial Dollars reverse image. In 1776, Founding Fathers decided on Americans freedom by signing the Declaration of Independence. 1776-1976 Bicentennial Scorpio Medal #197. 15,000,000. The reverse side of the coin features a military drummer along with a victory torch encircled by 13 stars. 1776 to 1976 Silver value dates back to the time the United States American Revolution Bicentennial Commission issued a coinage to commemorate the countrys independence. These were silver-clad (11,000,000), clad-proof (7,059,099), and silver clad-proof (4,000,000). Lettering: DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE . The highest quality coin graded to date is an MS-69. The coin sold for a solid $8,000! . Libertas Americana 1774 Collectible Early American (Replica) Pocket Token Ad vertisement by LostDesertMuseum. This is #1. Still, it doesnt necessarily mean a one-dollar coin with an S mintmark is a Bicentennial Silver Dollar, as Bicentennial clad dollar pieces struck in San Francisco also bear the mintmark. This tax will be applied during checkout after a shipping address is provided. Note: The mint mark, when present, can be found on the obverse side of the coin. Youre uncertain about the significance of his offer, but he assures you that the coins are incredibly valuable. In 1976, the US treasury released commemorative versions of three circulating coins. Coins made in San Francisco were made for collectors. The 1776-1976 quarter with no mint mark and the 1776-1976 D quarter are each worth around $1.25 in uncirculated condition with an MS 63 grade. Error coins are coins struck with unusual features due to mistakes in the production process. Just to give you an idea, a 1976 Eisenhower . 27g gold overlay sterling w Gift Box Why was the Bicentennial celebration so important to America? It also bears the mark DRWthe initials of its designer Dennis R. Williamsjust below the base of the Liberty Bell. What makes some 1788 quarters worth more than others?, Read More 1788 Quarter Value (Is It Worth Collecting? The value of the 1776-1976 Silver Dollar coin can vary based on its condition, with mint-condition coins being the most valuable. Yes! (15% off). Below the victory torch, you can read a Latin saying E PLURIBUS UNUM, while the inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA extends along the upper rim above the drummers head. While they are not considered rare, the 1776-1976 Silver Dollar coins hold a special place in American history and are highly sought after by collectors. I also have a Bicentennial half dollar as well. What's the value of a coin -1776 to 1976 independence bicentennial. The redesigned coins production began in 1975, and the circulations of the Bicentennial quarters, half dollars, and dollars were extensive. A distinctive collection piece, it is result of a statewide competition. For instance, it was possible to find the dime design on the 1776-1976 Washington quarter, making these errors unique and valuable. You can effortlessly recognize them by the letter S on the obverse. As the coins were produced in huge quantities during the two-year period, they werent made of the highest quality. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1776-1976 AMERICAN REVOLUTION BICENTENNIAL -WE THE PEOPLE COIN -MEDAL at the best online prices at eBay! The 1976 Bicentennial quarter is one of the first coins I can remember collecting. The obverse depicts theStatue of Libertyat the center with13 Raysemanating from the torch. Get free numismatic news from leading coin experts, in-depth articles, market summary videos, surveys & more . Silverrecyclers.com is a participant in various affiliate programs, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.This is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. (18) Sterling Silver Franklin Mint collector (18) Sterling Silver Franklin Mint collector plates, 5 Norman Rockwell, 4 Jamie Wyeth, 3 Mother and Child, 4 John James Audubon, 2 Bicentennial . On the other hand, the copper-nickel equivalent weighs 22.68 grams. No, they are not. But bicentennial dollars were unique because they had the moon and bell reverse, plus dual dating on the obverse. The obverse side of the coin features the same design as other Washington quarters. Authentic Bicentennial silver dollar coins have a reeded edge. Choose the options youd like for the order. Your email address will not be published. What Errors Are Common With Bicentennial Coinage? On the other hand, the 1776-1976 silver-clad Washington quarter contains 40% silver while the rest of the alloy is copper. Only coins with a higher rating can bring surprisingly high premiums. The result is an everlasting hologram coin collectible of ultra-high quality that is #1 in the industry. Typically, orders of $35 USD or more (within the same shop) qualify for free standard shipping from participating Etsy sellers. A 1776-1976 Bicentennial coins composition differs depending on where it was made. FOR SALE! My dad used to give me all the 1976 bicentennial quarters he got in change. Hold the coin with the obverse (front) facing up and the reverse (back) facing down. Lettering: AMERICAN REVOLUTION BICENTENNIAL WE THE . Prices below are aggregated from CDN Greysheet, NGC Coin Explorer, PCGS CoinFacts, USA CoinBook. This error typically occurs when a coin die presses an already fully minted coin once again or over a wrong planchet. Since the US founding, silver has been a highly valued resource in the country for various purposes, including currency, jewelry, and wealth storage. A 1976-S silver uncirculated dollar coin graded "MS-69 (Mint State 69)" by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation fetched $4,560 at an auction in 2019 the most valuable uncirculated Bicentennial silver dollar coin recorded. Great! Coins minted in Denver will have a D. The U.S. Mint wound up melting . If your coin is worth less than $50, the grading fee will surpass the selling price, since grading can cost upwards of $300. Conversely, coins minted in Philadelphia will have no mintmark present. rstiscak (241) 100%. or Best Offer +C $41.39 shipping estimate. There aretwominiature American Revolution Bicentennial logosunder it. $13.35 0 Bids 1d 5h. (15% off), Sale Price $42.49 (Coin blanks are called planchets.) Required fields are marked *. The dealer stock refers to the amount of a particular coin a coin dealer has in their inventory. And the reverse (tails side) has the moon and the Liberty Bell. These are known as the United States Bicentennial Coinage. Bicentennial silver dollar proofs were only minted in San Francisco. Its also home to a whole host of one-of-a-kind items made with love and extraordinary care. Also Read:1922 Liberty Silver Dollar Value Chart Guide: How Rare It Is? At the bottom of the coin is the double date 1776-1976 with the 1 placed directly under the G in GOD. $12.99. This edition is a perfect facsimile of the original, wrapped in a black jacket with a foil stamped foreword from Bruce Blackburn and an essay from Christopher Bonanos. If you know your Bicentennial dollar coins original purpose, you may be able to determine if its a silver dollar piece. A few blemishes may be present. Whilst the coins struck in San Francisco are still fairly common, the uncirculated versions with rare features can be worth more to collectors. . Total Weight: 24.59 grams Heres everything you need to know regarding 1776 to 1976 Silver value. Unlike the Bicentennial Clad Dollar, the 1776 to 1976 Silver Dollar exists in only one version Type I. Theyre the only Bicentennial dollar coins made in a single variety. These days, even the least media-savvy citizen knows about reselling. The 1776-1976 Bicentennial half-dollar was the first of the three coins to be minted, in Minneapolis on July 7th, 1975. As these specimens circulation was extensive, some of the pieces havent survived by now. The coins worth rises to around $24 in MS65 condition. The weight of a 1776-1976 Bicentennial half-dollar depends on what its made of: The diameter of a Bicentennial half-dollar is the same as regular half-dollar coins 30.6 mm. The weight of the medal is 25.9 grams or .91 of an ounce, and its diameter is 38 mm or 1.5 inches. Written during the American revolution, It announced the separation of 13 North-American colonies from Great Britain and stated that they were no longer under British rule. This coin has a special design on the reverse side of the coin to celebrate the bicentennial of the United States. In 2020 alone, purchases on Etsy generated nearly $4 billion in income for small businesses. 1776-1976 AMERICAN REVOLUTION Bicentennial In Tennessee Commemorative Medal - $5.02. Cash on Pickup. Tell us in the comment section! In 1970, the United States American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, an independent American agency, suggested the country should mint special coins to mark its Bicentennial celebrations.The group pitched the idea to President Richard Nixon, and they decided the specific measures they should apply regarding the denominations and distribution of the coins. Learn more. Subscriptions start at $69 for PCGS and $25 for NGC, and NGC allows free appraisals. Free shipping for many products! This coin has a special design on the reverse side of the coin to celebrate the Bicentennial of the United States. However, note that S-clad Bicentennial Dollar coins were also made for collectors. There are a number of die errors common on bicentennial coinage. To accurately gauge how much your 1776 to 1976 silver dollar is worth, you need commercial appraisal services. One of the most valuable error coins was a Denver clad coin minted on a silver San Francisco planchet. Consistently earned 5-star reviews, shipped orders on time, and replied quickly to messages, Looks like you already have an account! You can find them in the price range of $0.25 and $5.5, but the sums they sometimes reach at auctions can be high. This measure will enable you to tell them apart from other Bicentennial Dollar variants and determine their value. Year: 1976 Those partners may have their own information theyve collected about you. We do not buy or sell precious metal. Meanwhile, the Type I Bicentennial dollar piecesthe older versionpossessed thicker, sans-serif reverse captions. remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy. Preparations started already in 1971 with the presentation of draft laws proposing the 1776-1976 bicentennial coinages minting. Some of the 1776 to 1976 Silver dollar coins were minted in Denver.
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