An ultra lightweight harness that offers many possible configurations. Think of a hunting saddle as a rock climbing harness for hunting. Interestingly, you can use the latter as a deer drag. Here, weve gathered some crucial factors that are worth considering when youre looking for a climbing harness for hunting. $333.25 1% off. No lineman loops though. Id strongly recommend this product, and Id definitely do business with Dryad again very pleased. . If she falls on a LB there's a chance she'll get pretty scraped up. Many of the improvements in safety are going to involve proper use of rope systems, whether they are used for the climb or just the protection of the climber while climbing by other means. Yes. To be clear, I did not invent the Garda Hitch, but I did figure out a way to solve its reputation for being unreliable. Is there a decent but moderately priced RCH out there that has lineman loops already on it? Between adding stealth strips, cutting down sticks, and "one-sticking", there are many ways to upgrade, or modify your climbing method. It is a traditional minimalist climbing harness as far as materials and belt closure, but adds extremely convenient leg release buckles. The only thing that might stop you from buying this harness is the metal buckles. So she could probably fit a saddle okay. You don't have to actually hunt hanging from it, but if you are looking at doing more of a run and gun setup, then it might be a good direction to start moving toward. $11.99. Lol. No! Are hunting saddles comfortable? I've got severe reservations about saddle hunting because I don't like to shoot my xbow facing the tree; I much rather be facing away and shoot while sitting on my stand. It would be paired with you RCH. Do you climb SRT? These harnesses are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use. The main pain comes from the belt part digging into your back while hanging. Check Price at Amazon: 8: YXGOOD Treestand Harness, Tree Working Safety Belt, Climbing Harness For Garden Art Clip, Tree Clip,. But dont let that put you off! What am I missing here? When I said load rated I meant for more than gear hanging like most RCH's. Take your kids on a hunt? With few numbers of versatile tree saddle in the market, the Buckingham Wide Back Saddle is one you should choose to meet your hunting needs. Click to enlarge. Apart from that, you also get a healthy amount of gear loops, which will come in handy when you need to secure climbing sticks or other essentials. I BT one with adjusting leg loops and belt that allows me to adjust up. Seeking some professional advice here. What holds them there? But please note that since this product is quite popular, make sure not to miss the opportunity when you can grab one. If she grabs it, shes going for an unpleasant ride. Saddle hunting is the method of deer hunting from an elevated position using a tree hunting saddle. I ordered the harness right away and have now put in about twenty sits with it in a very short period of time. And since were on the topic of harnessing, why dont you take some time for our other recommendations? The NT. Speaking of hunting, we have lots of great recommendations regarding hunting gear here. The killdeer caught me right away and turned me back to the tree, putting me right in between my sticks and stand. Attaching the 'biners to the belt behind those straps keeps them from sliding forward on your belt. Kids can even put it on during the warmer days of fall if they really want to. Hunting saddles are designed to help hunters be more mobile and hunt in locations that were inaccessible with a tree stand. Basic cotton or leather tree climbing harnesses have been the workhorse saddles in the industry for decades and are good for tight budgets. | If you go rock climbing harness make sure you size for top your huniting clothes. All accessories available here at Eastern Woods Outdoors. As an adjustment, this 300lbs gear comes with a comfort-torso strap and sliders. Please provide pics inquiring minds want to know. You put your harness over your insulated clothing? Do they have load bearing loops on the sides to accommodate a linesman's belt as well as the center loop to accommodate the tether? They make a clicking sound and its definitely not a good thing when youre trying to stalk a sound-sensitive prey. To try out saddle hunting for a minimal investment I think a fleece saddle and rock climbing harness is the way to go. JavaScript is disabled. A quick search on Google or the saddlehunter forums will show a wide variety of platforms saddle hunters use, like screw in steps, strap on steps, a tree stand seat, climbing sticks, etc. Strap Gear Hangers,Multi-Hook Accessory Holder For Hunting Gears Bow Tree Saddle. Saddle -Single-panel or two-panel (descriptions below). Tree Saddles are designed to support your butt and spread pressure across surface area to prevent circulation restriction- while climbing saddles are designed for minimal obstruction and primarily to catch a fall. 5. When you picture a hiker in your mind, or if you've ever drawn one, odds are you added a walking stick into his hand. I will never sell, share, or rent any personal information to others! The part about saddle hunting that allows for the most modifications, is in the climbing sticks and platform. Cameron Cushman (verified owner) January 3, 2022. 5.0 (2) Summit Safety Harness. Hopefully, this sort of quick buying guide will make your quest for the right gear that much easier. Make sure you use it for a smoother climbing session. You would have to move it to low, and would creat to much travel in The event she fell. That said I too have decided to delve into making a fleece saddle. Thanks to its convenience, hundreds of hunters out there have started to think about their own safety and change their minds about safety harnesses. Free shipping. Do we have a female hunter here? Especially if youre not familiar with tree stands or high altitude hunting. Feel free to. The saddle costs less than many high quality stands. Twist is adjustable and obviously has a good name behind it. Check them out if you want to save some serious cash! Check Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness podcast on YouTube. Most tree stands come with some sort of a harness. What is the newest system or innovation that youve been working on? ERGOVATION Buckingham LARGE SADDLE Sit Tree Climbing Harness Safety BUCKsqueeze. My primary rock harness I use for climbing is sized for summer weight pants and not much else. Being that mobile you can really adjust to movement. If you find this to be repetitive or if New Tribe the parent company of Aero Hunter has this. If youre all about quality, the Under Armor Mens Bino is your rock climbing harness for hunting. This is an ultra-lightweight gear that offers a decent amount of safety for some high-altitude hunting. The safest option would be to belay her that way there is zero slack in the system at all. Dont go with a rock climbing harness for hunting that makes you feel painful, awkward, or unpleasant. What would it take to simply climb BOTH strands of rope in a stationary fashion? First there was Kestrel, Kite and Merlin, powerful birds of prey. I run the tethrd mantis saddle for deer hunting here in Michigan. WesSpur recommends getting the best harness in your budget. Its basically an alternative to hunting at high altitudes, without using a tree stand. You would control the slack. Got a BD Alpine BOD (in a size up) winging it's way to me. He has his own website, YouTube channel, and Facebook group, which detail new and innovative climbing systems invented by himself. 20 for the hanging gear, 5 lbs of call, headlamp, knife, gps, batteries, rainsuit, etc. NewDoar Climbing Harness, Mountaineering Rock Climbing Harness, Half Body Harness for Rappelling Fire Rescuing Tree Climbing 4.4 (298) $3899 Save 5% with coupon (some sizes/colors) FREE delivery Thu, Dec 22 Or fastest delivery Tue, Dec 20 Arrives before Christmas Weaver Leather WLC 300 Saddle with 2" Nylon Leg Straps 4.5 (109) $21722 Pleated Saddles -Pleated saddles are single-panel saddles with an "expansion chamber" that increases the size of the saddle to deliver enhanced comfort. 5.0 (1) Summit Sport Safety Harness. Buy 1Pc Men's Tactical Belt Military Hiking Rigger Nylon Work Belt For Outdoor Hunting Sports Camping Rock Climbing Accessories at Wish - Shopping Made Fun Meanwhile, I started receiving other questions via social media: is it possible to climb a tree using a rope, but NOT require the use of a throwball? I was just hooked up to the tree. First off, I really like the harness. I'd search around archery talk and other forums for rock climbing harnesses with linesmans loops and you should see a few suggestions I would think. Thanks for watching. Offered at a bargain price, the Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter is one of the most desired gear for many huntsmen. It would be the safest way. 9. Whats the biggest mistake youve made that youd want to tell other saddle hunters to avoid? I did some research, learned how a Moving Rope System works, and created and refined one and climbed on it for a dozen years. Now that I know better, its time to share what I know. A RCH is going to probably be more comfortable for climbing/positioning but I ran a HSS harness and fleece saddle for 2 seasons with no issues. If youre a hunting parent and planning to take your kids on an adventure, this is a rock climbing harness for hunting that you should try. I had to buy another harness for hunting. I have shot a deer with the Xbow from a saddle and its awesome. Rock climbing saddles are designed to take impacts and falls, and they don't provide all of the attachment points that tree climbing saddles do. Our friendly sales reps and staff arborist can help find the best harness for you. Experience comfort like no other, thanks to its ultra-light low profile design. Seems to work great and the waist belt is load bearing. First of all, a couple of customers complained about how difficult it was to make adjustments to the harness. Saddle Hunting Gear & Accessories Out On A Limb saddle hunting stands are the most advanced tree saddles on the market. + BEST VALUE - Kissloves Full Body Safety Climbing Harness. A Prusik won't slip under load so is less susceptible to this than some of the other friction hitches people use. I think the military line of Misty Mountain harnesses are built similarly but would want to verify that. I. Some have even said that this gear is an impressive all-in-one package. 8. These are all great things to hang from your harness gear loops. Plus made to climb trees. Arborist Saddles: Tree trimmers and arborists often use arborist saddles. How do I shoot 360 degrees in a saddle? The other harness that a lot of hunters like to use is the Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness. We were recently visited by our good friend John, a saddle hunter and tree climber whose online tutorials have gained visibility and audience members at a rapid rate. Also, I would have an extra safety below her in case she grabs the prusik. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This is basically a climbing harness for hunting, tailor-made for children in particular. Fortunately, I have not made any significant mistakes. Sure, these are safe enough and will do the job, but theyre really not comfortable and are terrible to wear all day and night. I used the harness, lineman's belt and tether that came with the lone wolf stand. Join us on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie south of London, ON where we will introduce you to Saddle Hunting, demonstrate various climbing methods and styles, let you try different saddle & gear and teach you proven hunting tactics to help take your hunting skill to the next level. the trick is finding some that have load bearing loops on the sides. So this got me thinking From what I understand, you can fairly comfortably sit in a rock climbing harness much like you do with a saddle. In 2020, through social media, I learned of others who were saddle hunting and climbing on ropes. He has his own website, YouTube channel, and Facebook group, which detail new and innovative climbing systems invented by himself. MRS is terribly inefficient due to the friction caused by a rope grinding across a tree crotch. You should be able to find all the information you need to put this thing on. Saddle Platform -Platforms are used with climbing sticks and this is what you will stand on at hunting height. The platform shown in the video is a Lone Wolf Assassin. The two panels are connected with magnets (The Method 2) or straps in "compact mode"for your hike in, but can then be separated in the tree to deliver the enhanced comfort of a larger, bulky, saddle. Features 360 degree mobility Sets up in seconds. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about products, offers and news. Price: $279.99 Features: Patented Hammock style design Separate Lineman loops 24". DIY Sportsman had a great YouTube video on the concept a few years back. The Hunter Safety System is the go-to gear for many hunters, mostly because it feels snuggly and doesnt make a lot of unnecessary noise. The most comfortable outdoor seat in the woods. Lightweight and compact, our hunting seat easily goes in your pocket or pack. With today's techniques and safety gear, kids and grownups alike can climb Any rock climbing harness + sit drag will work. Teufelberger TreeMotion EVO Replacement Bridge Parts, Rope Logic Harness Replacement Rope Bridge. Do-able but not ideal. Picture 1 of 10. At this point, I still did not own a commercial saddle, and wanted to get some opinions on what to buy, and was successful in so doing. Is generally accepted to require the use of mechanical devices, which are expensive and difficult to trust (given my experience with friction hitches). Just has to be a smaller size. Latitude Outdoors1564 Walker Ave NWGrand Rapids, MI 49504Email: Carabiners: Black Diamond Positron $11 x 2 Climbing harness use either two tie-in points on the front or a specific tie-in point that ensures you land right-side-up. She'll need to be able to ascend the life line with one hand. can you recommend a RCH with load rated gear/linemans loops? One sticking with the RCH was not comfortable at all. Also check out new items under the Clearance Corner. A lot of hunters are transitioning over to using a rock climbing harness, and have found that this eliminates a lot of the problems they have hunting from a tree stand. $589.95 + $69.05 shipping. Hunting saddles shine in scenarios where hunting locations are long distances from the truck or in thick cover that would be too noisy to walk through with a metal tree stand. That's why we're making live videos with expert hosts from all over the industry, so you can learn new techniques, check out new gear, and grow your skills. TBWS Tree Stand Harness Inspired by Jason Samkowiak of Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Survival. Its a saddle and fall arrest stand harness all in one. Climbers are typically just tough to shoot directly behind you since the tree is there. Your email address will not be published. *COBRA is a registered US trademark of AUSTRIALPIN *Other accessories pictured are not included and are for display purposes only. What is Saddle Hunting? Pleated saddles are known for being comfortable, but struggle in terms of being compact and packable. Just don't think i want to be hanging from it or something similar all day. It seems like the same ole weight. USE YOUR OWN TETHER. If a climber were to fall from any angle while wearing a full-body harness, a full-body harness would put the climber at a higher risk for neck and spinal injuries. Be sure to get an RCH with lineman's loops. $200.00 + $25.00 shipping. If it's fairly comfortable, I can switch between using my stand and no stand without needing an extra device. PETZL Women's Selena Climbing Harness. So she could probably fit a saddle okay. No lineman loops though. The latest sling-style Aero Hunter saddle is Shrike, named after the predatory little songbird that's as fierce as any raptor. There would be no friction of a moving rope, and there would be no anchor. I did a video on using the harness as a saddle this fall, showing that the harness was very versatile while using like a saddle, but haven't loaded anything up to the web. 1. That said I too have decided to delve into making a fleece saddle. Going to try a few different lineman belt attachment methods - Clipping right on to the belt behind the leg attachment, putting carabiners in the same spots and clipping to them, clipping to the middle and finally, rigging a loop of webbing through the back loop (rated at 12kN) and tied in at the sides to clip into. But it is still fundamentally the same: a double rope climbing method with a non-anchored but stationary rope, and highly efficient ascent profile. Hunter Safety System Youth Lil' Treestalker Mossy Oak Treestand Harness. Fully adjustable, great for kids between 50 to 120 lbs. The biggest mistake I took is taking chances for the first 30 years of my hunting career. This superior gear is made from high-quality materials, including polyester, rubber, nylon, and elastane. Lightweight, packable & reliable. If you pt it on over bulky layers, make damn sure it adjusted tightly so dont slip out. I too was thinking what to do to convert them into a hunting setup. Along those lines, I tied my LB out of tubular webbing, caught the descending portion of the leg loops in the linesman's loops, so everything's tied together and solid. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest product developments and discount codes. Tie the life line off at the base of the tree and bring it up with you and make it tight. Throw a rope up over a branch and belay her like she is rock climbing. This allows the hunter to stay connected to the tree, and the bridge slides back and forth through the carabiner as the hunter turns from side to side. Make your bridge out of. Bullman Outdoors . Hover to zoom. Correct, rock saddles are to catch you if you fall, in roped tree climbing your weight is on the rope and harness majority of the time in the tree. Trophyline Tree Saddles - Mobile and Saddle Hunting Gear PACKS & BAGS TREE SADDLES PLATFORMS & STICKS The Mission Platform $199.99 Knee Savers $29.99 The EDP Platform $189.99 The C.A.Y.S 2.0 Backpack $149.99 The Platow Pack $139.99 Covert Lite 2.0 Saddle $219.99 The Wingman Platform $189.99 Covert Pro 2.0 Saddle $219.99 TheClassic 2 single-panel saddleis our offering in this category. *COBRA is a registered US trademark of AUSTRIALPIN *Other accessories pictured are not included and are for display purposes only. The short answer is yes, but saddles are highly customizable with several adjustment options. Just make sure you give it enough time to learn how it works and youll be good to go. In this case, we recommend Hunter Safety System Lil Treestalker. With a platform, alternate standing will relieve the pressure. Make it 100% in the USA out of bombproof & durable materials 2. YXGOOD Treestand Harness, Tree Working Safety Belt, Climbing Harness For Garden Art Clip, Tree Clip, Firefighting On Tree. For custom sizes outside these ranges please contact us. Summit Treestand Mens Pro has a quite distinctive design. And in case you werent familiar with a rock climbing harness for hunting before, theres no need to worry. 4. I started back in 1996 as a place to share my love of the outdoors and youth programs with the world. Free postage. Yeah I need to clarify that. (And When Should You?). Back to top Reply Replies (0) 0 0 All you have to do is tie a piece of rope to the tree and then sit or lean on the harness. It means we've done our job right. Get to know the harness well enough that you can put it on or take it off in the dark. Perhaps the JRB Climbing System was not the best choice of names for a climbing system, simply because I have devised multiple climbing systems over the years. I use a Metolius Safe Tech and the gear loops are rated to 4.5kn. The saddle hunter then hooks the bridge from his saddle into that carabiner. And for those who need to carry a binocular, theres a silent low profile bungee bino holder for quick access. Click here to find upcoming webinars or watch the old ones! I've seen some mods on youtube, but not super keen on cutting and sewing onto a harness. The idea is to use a SitDrag, which is a commercially available tree sling thats meant to be used on ground level, and use it to support your weight while the trusty rock harness provides back up if ever needed. Ascender Lineman Belt Rope Hangs/Pulls Treestands Saddle Hunting Climbing Solid. Thats because this instrument comes with its own instructional DVD. Carrying the structure made of nylon material, this gear promises impressive durability. Saddle Hunting Has Limitations. Find out more. I have a bit of rock climbing background and am much more comfortable with the load bearing leg loops of climbing harnesses than I am with the unrated (and frequently open-able!) SitDrag: ~$30 This way, youll know exactly when to buy a new harness. If using a lifeline, make sure you teach her to not touch the prussic when she is not moving it. FEATURES: But not sure how much she is gonna use it. Picture Information. This kit contains (1) Belt with Lineman Loops, (1) set Leg Straps, (1) set Leg Strap Enforcers. Rock climbing harnesses benefit from more gear loops to stay moving while tree climbing saddles need . Padded hexagons for excellent fit and comfortable use. Shooting efficiency is one of the main benefits of hunting from a saddle. Lone Wolf stand,$250. If youre still relatively new to the world of hunting, the Muddy Magnum Pro would be a great starting harness. In short, this is a great product. Decent safety harness,$75, ==$325. If hanging in the tree too long their legs would fall asleep. I devised a new and better friction hitch, the JRB Ascender Hitch, and switched out my Michoacans for it. The RCH always holds me back. AU $123.63. His Patreon members will be of the first to provide thoughts and feedback on new products we develop for JRBs climbing systems, and may have chances to try out the prototypes and help us refine them to be the most comfortable, practical, and cost-effective options on the saddle hunting market. Being a decent hunting gear, the Hunter Safety System Countour has a scent-lock system to ensure the prey remains unaware of your presence. Check Latest Price Now. A basic saddle setup is pretty lightweight and easy to bring in and out of the woods. I just posted this in another thread, but thought it might warrant having its own thread since I have seen this question asked so many times. This climbing harness is also a lot cheaper than any harness designed for archery. Just make sure you have the proper gear and pay attention to all safety standards. This is just the seat assembly, no unnecessary items thrown in to save you a couple more bucks. AU $114.98. If youre out of cell range, the. Youll need to have a tether, or safety system to secure you to the tree. Sponsored. And not need any mechanical devices? Knee Pads -Important for comfort in the tree while sitting with your knees on the tree. I wanted to see how it worked before a big investment. Pull both ropes to the side toward your dominant "braking hand" to hold on tight for descending. In general, this is everything you would expect from a traditional climbing harness. Comes with plenty of gear loops for securing climbing sticks and other essentials. The safety harness attachment gets in the way with the sit drag. A decent climbing harness for hunting, offered at a bargain price. This sit drag can last years of uses. I wanted something that was minimal but at the same time extremely safe. The maximum capacity of this tree saddle is 300lbs and it can support up to this much weight capacity. Its right behind her head, so really limits the mobility. Apart from that, this harness is ultra-light and comfortable. Find, hide, share! This type of harness is suitable for climbers because they can fall at various angles. Full Body Safety Belt Tree Climbing Saddle Rock Climbing Aerial Work Harness AU. .New Tribe Basic Kids Saddle [SDLKBAK] - $134.00 : New Tribe, Tree Climbing Gear. Using a rock climbing harness instead of a full body hunting harness can reduce pack weight by almost 2 pounds, depending what model you decide on. Here is SHRIKE, the Butcher Bird. It also comes with plenty of gear loops for securing climbing sticks and other necessary gear. To ensure you have the most pleasant climbing experience, Hawk Elevate Lite features a lightweight construction made of nylon and utilizes soft shoulder straps. The difference is that you get a one-hand quick set of carabiners, so you can have smoother adjustments. If she face plants into the tree and scrapes her self up she will never want to get in a tree again.