Its easier to get a good lead tone with plenty of fx on an average guitar than getting palm and power chords to sound big. Or would generic pickups suffice for now? But were excited to say these pickups, which are made in the USA, are quite powerful and perfect for any rock or metal player. The Omen Extreme-6 is the perfect guitar for a shredder who likes a snappy, bright tone and uses more dynamics. The nut on these is a high quality Graph Tech Tusq XL nut. These monsters come with EMG active pickups and are also available with a Austainiac. Stock pickups are excellent, action is low. I have a cheap set in my Basswood Schecter. Arent those a tad too dark and hot? Mahogany bodies with set maple necks all across the board, you have a choice of string thru TOM bridge, a Hipshot-style bridge for the 8 and 9 string models (the 9 string featuring a genuine Hipshot bridge), and a floyd rose option for 6s and 7s! The built quality is excellent, and the set neck makes it extra reliable. No Schecter guitar is more famous than Steve Vais Ibanez Gem. Some owners have admitted the pickups could be more powerful. It doesnt come with a case. The main reason to avoid the Diamond series is if you need more versatility for lower gain playing. Ive learned a ton over the years and would love to share some tips with you! Despite not being quite as good as the EMGs from the Hellraiser model. We put the Banshee Elite in a buying category for semi-serious to serious players who dont mind saving up and making a bigger investment in their instrument. For those who are craving heavy, down-tuned power chords that get the whole room thumping, the Schecter Demon 7 is an affordable seven-string option for aspiring rock and metal players. These are neat guitars that I had the pleasure of reviewing a few weeks ago! Schecter is loved and respected by metal players, but the company isnt afraid to throw a Bigsby on a hollowbody archtop and deliver a super-solid blues guitar. The Schecter Diamond Heretic pickups are used in the Omen Elite and are good sounding! The ATX series only come with glow in the dark side dots! Its super fast right out of the box, and you likely wont have to do any kind of setup on it. A slim maple neck with rosewood fretboard (complete with pearloid semi-goth inlays) helps keep it playable. If youre the kind of player this guitar is meant for, you wont ask for much more apart from the expensive features only signature models have. A Sustainiac is available for the 6 and 7 string models as well! Schecter Stiletto Extreme Bass. And when it comes to Schecters that feature a Floyd Rose, theres none better than the Schecter Hellraiser C-1. Oh, and it looks pretty sinister, thanks to the gothic cross inlaws on the fretboard and the quilted maple top with a black cherry finish. Out-of-tune whammy action and high action wont be an issue with any of the guitars I have chosen, even though some are more stage-ready than others. The only thing I dislike about the guitar is how fast it becomes muddy on high gain and low tunings, with anything apart from the bridge pickups sounding mushy. Answer: Synyster Gates, Pete Townsend, Mark Knopfler, Ritchie Blackmore, Chris Poland, and Nick Johnstone, among others, use Schecter guitars. The definition is just as impressive as the power they offer. The neck is the familiar Thin C found on many Schecter models. Shipping: Pickup Only; Similar Ads. Theres also a lot to like about the playability of the C-1 Platinum, starting with the neck. Since Schecters are designed primarily for rock and metal, most include 24 frets, allowing you to hit the highest of notes that really let your guitar scream. Peculiar, Missouri. SCHECTER Diamond Series Omen Extreme-7 AD-OM-EXT-7 | Musical Instruments & Gear, Guitars & Basses, Electric Guitars | eBay! japan-good-goods. The body has a flamed maple cap for just enough tonal bite. It always makes Altin sad when he sees musicians with potential give up on playing because they get frustrated. Regardless, I moved the pickups outward in each direction as far as the route and pickguard would allow without modding them - it sounds pretty good, but I had to crank the the E and G sides of the pickup so high that it jacks with my right hand when playing. You are using an out of date browser. Would it be worth swapping the pickups from those models or no? 10 Best Schecter Diamond Series Guitars: Review & Buyers Guide, The 10 Best P90 Guitars: Review & Buyers Guide, 9 Best Guitar Tab Apps for iOS and Android. #8. The overall finish of the instrument is good. From gut wrenching metal chugs to face melting dive bombs, the Schecter Hellraise C-1 with a Floyd Rose tremolo is the complete package. First, its neck profile plus its fretboard radius combined make for a perfect middle ground. Many models also feature USA EMG or Seymour Duncan pick-ups and Grover tuners. The body of the guitar is a more dense type of Mahogany. It also has an original Washburn 2001 bridge and whacky bar with the nut stop. It has the looks. Made of basswood and maple, these are a great bang for the buck! Instead, he wants to help other people flourish playing the guitar too. Just want to add that I LOVE the Apocolypse pickups even for basic crunch classic rock they sound great. For the sake of not overwhelming you, I have not listed artist signatures in this guide. What's your favorite 335 style guitar for under $1000 used? The pickups are Schecter Diamond Super Rock IIs. Whoa, that's a little surprising, I thought I had been all over the Schecter site, but I have never seen that model before. This guitar looks beautiful and sounds amazing!. You get two options: ocean blue burst or electric magenta. I have the Pasadena/Pasadena Plus set in my Schecter Poltergeist, they sound amazing and I'm planning on buying another set for one of my other guitars, very underrated pickups! We are a community of guitar players, and enthusiasts and we want to spread the love for music to anyone with the heart to play. It's a professional quality guitar at an affordable price. The Hellraiser, on the other, does better in lower tunning and very heavy rhythms. This guitar could become a much more useful metal beast with different pickups and pots. What separates the Hellraiser Hybrid guitars is the real carbon fiber binding on them! The affordable range, the SE series, consists of high-quality instruments that rival even flagship models of other brands. Now, this guitar isnt perfect. This model proves Schecter was able to create a cheaper alternative with the same advanced engineering and designs by toning down the construction materials and pickups. The guitar has a lot of snap due to the maple neck and string through body design. They allow you to reach every part of the keyboard easily and fast. The Schecter Coupe Hollowbody is a super interesting guitar. . The Diamond VT-1 bridge single-coil yields a vintage-tinged blend of clarity, twang, and muscle. Others that dont go that down the scale want the same qualities: a six-string on the high and low register, with an extra string on top. With custom Schecter USA Supercharger pickups and a 9 piece maple/walnut thru-neck, these guitars look like they should cost way more than they should. Now you have more options than ever by activating single-coil sounds via push/pull volume knobs. 2023 Wired Guitarist, All rights reserved, Theyre available in a natural gloss or a beautiful Cats Eye Pearl dye. A few nicks and scratches. Anyone know resistance/output for Diamond '78 on those Nick Johnston Traditional HSS? As one reviewer on Guitar Centers site put it, The picture doesnt do it justice! Olympus Pen FL-600R Wireless Flash (#234691910334) m***a (300) . Do you need top of the line pickups with a Sustainiac? The CR-6 Pro comes with Apocalypse II pickups and is available in the U.S. market. Where the C-1 fails to deliver, the Omen Extreme-6 is in its comfort zone. However, for the C-6 Deluxe, a Satin Metallic Light Blue is available. Schecter produces some excellent high-end pickups, but these lower budget jobs are tasty, too. Instead of Grover tuners, Schecter replaced them with in-house locking tuners, which hold tuning very well! Like most Schecter guitars, the Omen Extreme-6 is great for rock and metal music. $700 MSRP appears to be the cutoff for for import pickups. On par with the other big-name Custom Shop manufacturers. You can play this for a couple of hours and expect things to stay in tune for the most part. After all, many guitar makers go with Seymour Duncans (including Schecter!) The clean tone sounds slightly compressed. Available only in a Satin black finish with silver and platinum style binding, these guitars have active pickups. Absolutely. The bat inlays on these are unique to the series and are not found in any other Schecter line. all good. These are uncovered and sound good enough. The fretboard tends to be built using rosewood, which allows your fingers to glide effortlessly. The Schecter Synyster Custom-S is equipped with a Synyster Gates Signature bridge and a humbucker pickup. This guitar has Apocalypse pickups in it. If youd like to know more about the Schecter Hellraiser, check out our review of it here! Schecter Diamond P Pickups $35 Used - Very Good Schecter G&B diamond series bridge pickup $50 40% price drop $30 Used - Excellent Victory "Diamondback" Lowrider Gold Foil Pickup $72.94 Brand New 14-Day Return Policy Dell Arte Diamond cut Cocobolo insert for tailpiece 2019 Polished Cocobolo $45 Brand New Schecter Black Hawk Pickup Set $35 Before 1998, Schecter was only making custom guitars, so the Diamond Series was a major change in direction for the company. In terms of craftsmanship, Schecter Guitars are very good. And the good news for you is that its a fraction of the price of an actual Les Paul. Performance & security by Cloudflare. The Schecter Banshee Elite is one of the company's most popular offerings. Full disclosure: The interest in the Brimstone comes from another pickup . Click to reveal Even then, the higher-end Diamond series and custom shop models offered top-notch instruments for professionals that rival any big brand. Schecter Guitars Diamond Series. I would also, of course, be remiss to not mention the wide array of options in the Keith Merrow line. But does it have the sound? I recommend that models have special cutaways for easy access to high frets to compensate for the struggle of playing with a longer scale length. While many Schecter guitars are designed for rock and metal, the Solo-II Custom is quite versatile and would make a great axe for classic rock, metal, blues, or even jazz. It wont get muddy and kill the bands mix while keeping good note separation on busy chords. The Schecter C-1 Apocalypse is any metal player's dream with incredible low action, crisp pickups, and a sleek design. Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation fromthe companies whose products we review. These come with string thru TOM bridges, Floyd Rose trems, and Hipshot-style bridges. If you care to have a Floyd, Id recommend the PRS. It comes with the stock Schecter diamond series pickups and has a super comfortable thin C shaped neck. All in all, this is a fantastic bass that punches well above its weight class. Its really what a modern singlecut guitar should look and play like. As the others said, you may like it stock. The C-6 Plus models are new for 2016. Ive been playing guitar for over 10 years now, and Im a total nerd when it comes to gear. For a more in depth review of the Banshee Elite seven string, click, Hardtail guitars get Schecter locking tuners, while the Floyd Rose-equipped guitars have Grover tuners. The USA Supercharger pickups in the Banshee 6 Elite are really all around great pickups. Congrats on the new S-1 Elite! Stoked to get back into the Schecter family. 21 extra jumbo frets and a choice between rosewood or maple fretboards really up the vintage vibe! Platinums are made from mahogany with a set Thin C maple neck. I wont be playing any lead. Theyre available in a natural gloss or a beautiful Cats Eye Pearl dye. In perspective with Ibanez, probably the best-known heavy guitar manufacturer, Schecter does not lack behind in quality or variety of guitars. This affordable alternative has a basswood body to keep costs lower, and it's equipped with Schecter's own Diamond Plus pickups. They outsource the making of the pickups using more cost efficient methods so they can put them into the guitar without the extra cost the USA Custom Shop would add. Schecter Guitars have a great reputation for being built with the highest quality of materials. The reseed heil is a brilliant choice to make high frets easy to access. Now, the C-1 Platinum is definitely not perfect. Now, you might be thinking that Schecter did this to cut costs. One, its not very versatile, so dont expect to buy this and sit in on a jazz gig, for instance. That being said, the company does offer some hollowbody options for genres outside of rock and metal. . I have actually been fairly pleased with the Diamond Series pickups in that guitar. Available in 6 and 7 string models, these are equipped with string-thru TOM bridges. It seems to have a treble bleed circuit in the guitar that cleans up really well. The neck is amazing. The good news is, guitars in the Schecter Diamond Series are available across a wide range of prices, from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. My favorite rock tone out of all my guitars. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Its tonal range is limited but responds fabulously to everything with high gain. But the set neck heel is sculpted very nice. We poked fun at the faux maple top, but the overall craftsmanship of this guy is quite surprising. My bottom line up-front: While other brands focus on beginner or advanced instruments, Schecter is the best at making mid-made rock and metal guitars. Discover amazing local deals on Schecter for sale for sale in Scotland Quick & hassle-free shopping with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. I would also, of course, be remiss to not mention the, wide array of options in the Keith Merrow line, Ernie Ball Announce 3 New BFR Models For June, Boss Reveal New 200 Series Effects Pedals, How To Set Up a Click and Backing Tracks For Your Show, ESP Release New 400 Series Metallic Fade Lineup, Avenged Sevenfold Auction Off Gear To Support Music Education, Schecter Release New CR-6 (Future of Schecter? Experts say: "The Black Hawk represents a departure from traditional guitar designs. Weight reduction, brother! The pickups are Schecter Diamond plus and the neck is a Thin C that Im sure youve noticed is a recurring theme throughout this guide. Schecter Guitars. Thats mostly thanks to the Hipshot Bridge, which helps keep everything in tune. Loses definition in extremely low tunings. You're not going to get incredible pickups for $350 in any guitar, but a common problem is that they're thin-sounding and not suitable for . Neck. I have a Schecter Reaper 6 FR with Schecter Decimator pickups. Each model is made up of up to 10 variants, like seven- and even eight-string models. Its a step above all the previous guitars I mentioned on the list and the most reliable on stage due to the locking mechanism. It does not handle massive gain well, making it not fit for very heavy muted rhythms. Buya: SCHECTER STEALTH 4 BASS GUITAR in Bass Guitars, Guitars, Musical Instruments, PAWN 1 DIVISION Most affordable guitars tend to break under a lot of gain and in low tunings. You can learn more About Us here., 2023: The Year Epiphone Became Unaffordable, Don't store picks in zip bags for too long. (Or, of course, you can always swap out the pickups for something else!). Bonus: The Banshee Elite also comes in 7- and 8-string variants! Of course, if youre a hard rocker and know you want to eventually buy a Schecter, choosing from that many options can make things difficult. Are Schecter pickups good? I have a Schecter Sunset Strip (B) trembucker coming my way. Check out our comprehensive Schecter Hellraiser Review. For the sake of not overwhelming you, I have not listed artist signatures in this guide. So my question is what are your opinions on the Diamond Heretic and the USA Apocalypse . These have musical and spanky tone, and are perfect for anyone looking for great organic crunch tones. Too hot (I think somewhere like 18kOhm), it's got a mid range kind-of-nasal tone I don't like, and the string separation is . People tend to overlook all of their pickups for some reason. In a right-handed dominated, Read More Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars For BeginnersContinue. The output isnt terribly powerful, but the clarity and precision are certainly there. You must log in or register to reply here. Considering the fantastic price-quality ratio, I found it easier to frequently change guitars and not settle for only an expensive one until I needed to play metal songs in the studio. A mahogany body and set Thin C mahogany neck gives you a nice full sounding tone. Unique offset dot inlays matched with a gothic cross on the 12th fret combine for a perfect balance of clean looks and attitude. A mahogany body and set thru Ultra Thin C maple neck with the ultra access cutaway makes these super easy to play.